4N meeting poem





Wednesday 31st is a date to remember

Whether or not you’re a 4N member

For on that date a party is planned

With cake and costumes, it’s going to be grand


So, come on down and join in the fun

A warm welcome awaits for everyone

Contact the team to book yourself in

Bring a friend too, and extra days win


So wear a full costume or just something quirky

It isn’t quite Xmas so sorry, no turkey

But cake we will have so do come along

And maybe you’ll gift us a poem or song


Think spooky and pitch in alternative style

And we’ll all leave the venue with an awfully big smile

Look forward to seeing you there at the gig

Come along all and join in the jig

Published by Suzi Magic

I started writing as a child but was encouraged to look elsewhere for my career and "get a proper job". I then became a nurse and have only recently returned to writing. I've recently published my first book which you can check out here www.amazon.com/author/suzifrench I live in a beautiful part of Devon, close to a canal where I love to go to write. I have a three legged Burmilla cat called Nala and love anything that brings a little more magic into the world. I developed OCD, Anxiety & Depression, back in 2007 which led to me having to retire from my nursing career and reinvent myself. I am passionate about helping people accept that debilitating mental health problems are just as valid as physical disabilities. And I want to help others who have these conditions to discover their own version of life magic. I am also a part time wheelchair user because of some chronic back conditions.

2 thoughts on “4N meeting poem

    1. I am so touched you did this ❤️❤️❤️. I will get around to doing the actions attached to it but am really busy with my other business just now, Xmas is one of our busiest times. Love and pixie dust to you and your family 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

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