Choices – Be Grateful

Yesterday I posted a video of a poem I wrote for the weekend. It got me thinking about the whole topic of choices and here’s my thoughts. If you’d like to hear the poem then head over to any of these social media platforms :- Almost every human being (if not all)Continue reading “Choices – Be Grateful”

My take on the Corona Virus and a call for help

I’ve struggled with lots of things since the lockdown to slow the spread of the corona virus was enforced. I miss going to the coast and smelling the seaside smells, listening to the waves roll in and crash on the shore and maybe, if it’s warm enough, having a bag of chips sitting outside (theyContinue reading “My take on the Corona Virus and a call for help”

Choices affect the Magic

I watched “The Secret” ( a few years ago and since then have been reading a lot about the law of attraction. My favourite author on the subject is Genevieve Davis. If you’d like to check out her first book you can find it here :- . She talks about the common failure inContinue reading “Choices affect the Magic”