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Winter time is a tricky time for me as I’m fairly certain I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). A friend (thanks James Blakeway) recommended taking Vitamin D and that has helped enormously. I also use a Daylight lamp and try and get outside for a walk on a regular basis.

One of the things that often go off plan in this season is my weight. I am a classic yo-yo dieter and use food to try (unsuccessfully) to manage my emotions. I have no idea why I still do this as I know it doesn’t help but I obviously still have an old script playing in my subconscious. As part of my new strategy for managing that, I have started to attend a slimming club to get weighed. I find that helps me enormously (I know that’s part of my “people pleasing” pysche and need to change that but it works so don’t judge me in this instance) Anyways part of the group activity involves us having a discussion about our feelings and attitudes towards food.

Last night we found ourselves discussing why we save some of our “stuff” for the future. Caroline, the group leader, talked about only wearing your Manolo Blahnic shoes (see Carrie in Sex & The City if you’re shoe person like me) on limited occasions and saving them for best. I have lots of Yankee Candles in my house and I light them up on a regular basis. However I know lots of people who choose to keep them intact and never burn them. We only get one life so we should be living it now and not saving stuff for later. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but some of us won’t have a later. (My mum died when she was 45 at a time when she finally had some spare money to use on holidays etc but never got to experience that freedom) So light the candle, wear the Manolo’s (I have a pair that have only been worn once so I’m looking for some more opportunities to get them on) use your best china or do whatever it is you’ve been keeping pristine. have fun!!!

As part of last night’s group we also had to make 3 commitments. I committed to writing for at least half an hour on 5 out of 7 days a week, taking a 10 minute walk outside on 5 of 7 days and have totally forgotten the last one (should have taken a photo of them like Caroline suggested but thought my memory was OK, mistake!) So this blog post is my commitment to doing that and those two things will help me to lift my mood and see me through to spring.

Would love to hear from you what you will be doing differently as a result of reading this post. Post a comment or use the contact form on my website

Photo by Eduardo C.G. on Unsplash

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I started writing as a child but was encouraged to look elsewhere for my career and "get a proper job". I then became a nurse and have only recently returned to writing. I've recently published my first book which you can check out here I live in a beautiful part of Devon, close to a canal where I love to go to write. I have a three legged Burmilla cat called Nala and love anything that brings a little more magic into the world. I developed OCD, Anxiety & Depression, back in 2007 which led to me having to retire from my nursing career and reinvent myself. I am passionate about helping people accept that debilitating mental health problems are just as valid as physical disabilities. And I want to help others who have these conditions to discover their own version of life magic. I am also a part time wheelchair user because of some chronic back conditions.

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