Enjoy The Moment

I haven’t been writing much during the last couple of lockdown’s, I’ve been struggling with my mental health but haven’t really shared that fact much as I’ve been too afraid of coming across as “a whinger”. Part of that has been because I feel guilty for feeling this way. I have so much in my life compared to others. But that doesn’t make it any easier sometimes to stay in a happy frame of mind.

Lots of people waste energy comparing their lives to others and bemoaning the fact that their life isn’t as good. But having material possessions or wealth doesn’t automatically guarantee happiness. And focusing on what you don’t have automatically puts your brain into a state of feeling your lack. That doesn’t lend itself to attracting what you desire but rather it tends to actually attract more of what you don’t want.

Having had a coaching session yesterday I can now see that I had been doing something similar but in reverse. Instead of focusing on my lack of “things” I had been focusing on my lack of joy and beating myself up because I didn’t deserve to be unhappy when I compared my life to others. I am financially secure, I have a comfortable home and a holiday lodge by the sea. But  instead of taking the time to enjoy those things and appreciate what I have I have been focusing on my negative emotions.

Today I woke up to sunshine, after a very disturbed nights sleep (painsomnia is a frequent visitor in my life) Usually I would have used that as an excuse to have a couch potato day and spent most of the day watching Netflix and worrying about what I needed to do, whilst not actually getting anything done.

But today I took the opportunity to spend an hour on my swing seat. I wrote a poem (see end of this blog post) and wrote my first blog entry since October.  Rather than being an indulgence on my part it’s actually energised me and I now feel ready to tackle some of the things I could have done yesterday. I’ve put myself in a positive frame of mind and that’s attracting more positivity to my life. 

I’d like to offer you a challenge on the back of my discovery. If you’re struggling today please take 15-30 mins and do something positive. Some suggestions would be to take a walk in nature (can be round your garden), watch an uplifting video clip on YouTube or maybe just read a chapter of a book you’ve been meaning to get to. Even if you have a jam packed schedule I suspect just doing that one small thing will kick start your energy levels and allow you to do more in the day than you would have achieved if you hadn’t carved out your positivity slot. 

So have a great day everyone and make time for yourself in your busy lives.

 Here’s the poem I wrote:- 

Rocking gently on my swing

Breeze blows through, a whiff of spring

The sun is gentle, it warms my soul

Taking time for this will keep me whole

We can forget to slow and note

Just what we have, this gets my vote

Always rushing on to next job due

Just stop a while, enjoy the view

Birds gentle chorus lulls and soothes

Something inside stirs and moves

I’ve been so stuck, overwhelmed with fear

But something’s shifted, my peace is near

Published by Suzi Magic

I started writing as a child but was encouraged to look elsewhere for my career and "get a proper job". I then became a nurse and have only recently returned to writing. I've recently published my first book which you can check out here www.amazon.com/author/suzifrench I live in a beautiful part of Devon, close to a canal where I love to go to write. I have a three legged Burmilla cat called Nala and love anything that brings a little more magic into the world. I developed OCD, Anxiety & Depression, back in 2007 which led to me having to retire from my nursing career and reinvent myself. I am passionate about helping people accept that debilitating mental health problems are just as valid as physical disabilities. And I want to help others who have these conditions to discover their own version of life magic. I am also a part time wheelchair user because of some chronic back conditions.

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